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Short Codes

Premium Rate SMS (short code) is a 5 digit short code (e.g. 33343) that carries a standard or premium rate charged to the sender of the SMS.

Using a short code will allow your business the functionality to compile databases, generate sales leads and create revenue. A short code allows incoming communication from an otherwise unknown lead. Let potential customers, users or other stakeholders contact you.

Choose a Dedicated short code or a Shared Keyword

Dedicated/Premium Rates Short codes Shared Keywords
Own your own 5 digit short code Own a keyword
Cost: R2500 Setup Fee (Once Off)

R500 Linerental per month

Cost: R500 per year
Outgoing Reply: Standard SMS Rates: Please see our Bulk SMS Pricing page Outgoing reply:Standard SMS Rates: Please see our Bulk SMS Pricing page
Unlimited campaigns and real time reports Keyword Based and real time reports
Full Revenue paid out every 3 months No revenue share

Manage and customise your campaigns

Access our platform online and manage your short codes and keywords at any time, no matter where you are.

Short codes allows you to:

Respond to promotions and offerings

Request a callback

Run SMS Competitions

Getting started:

Contact us to apply for a short code and get connected

If you require any further information please feel free to contact us


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