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Short Code Keyword Pricing2018-07-18T09:50:58+02:00

Short Code Keyword Pricing

Keywords are purchased for a 12 month period with outgoing response charged at a standard SMS rate.

The table below outlines the costs incurred when running a keyword with a Short Code.

Item Cost Frequency
Setup Fee (per key word) R1200 Once off for 12 months
Outgoing Reply An SMS Standard SMS rates

Please note: Prices exclude 15% VAT.

SMSMessenger You can mail for more information.

You need to be a registered user of SMSMessenger to obtain a keyword. Once you are and you have your keyword, your service, promotion or campaign can be speedily set into motion.


Secure payment is essential for us; you can make online purchases using a credit, direct deposit or EFT.

For your security, as well as ours, first time customers are called by a SMSMessenger consultant before the credits are reflected in the account.


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