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Make a Payment

Buying SMS credits is easy

Package Cost per SMS
50 – 499 R0.29
500 – 1000 R0.27
1001 – 5000 R0.25
5001 – 10 000 R0.23
10 001 – 50 000 R0.20
50 001 – 250 000 R0.19
250 000 – 500 000 R0.18
500 000 + Contact Us

Please note: Prices exclude 15% VAT.

The price you pay will depend on the amount of SMS you purchase.
For example 500 credits will be at 27c each + VAT

500 – 1000 R0.27

500 times 27c= R135

R135 + R20.25 (15%VAT)

Total: R155.25

Easy Payment Options

Bank Deposit or EFT:

SMS Messenger Banking Details:
Bank: Nedbank
Account Name: SMSmessenger
Account Number: 1056432098
Branch code: 121317
Account Type: Cheque
Reference: Your invoice number or username

SMS Messenger Registration nr: 2013/130173/07

Vat nr: 4280265309

Please e-mail your proof of payment to accounts@smsmessenger.co.za or SMS to 0767255715

Upon receiving your proof of payment credits are loaded onto your account immediately.

Credit card payment:

Please select “Pay by credit card”.

First you will be prompted to Enter your username.

Please Enter a Rand Value when prompted.

Please visit our Pricing Page if you are unsure of how much the amount of credits you are buying will cost.

500 credits for example will be R135.

All credit card payments are 3D secure.

15% VAT will be charged on all payments.

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