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Bulk SMSs

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SMSMessenger’s messaging platform covers all South African Networks. Looking at our technologies, we offer a set of fully featured web and desktop applications, as well as a powerful collection of APIs allowing for integration from any application. This is all supported by our 24/7 technical support team, ensuring smooth and efficient continuation of your business.

Communicating your message to multiple contacts IS FAST, EASY AND SECURE with BULK SMSs and our interactive SMSMESSENGER gateway.

SMS from our FREE Web-based User Interface.

SMS from your own system/program/user interface or software via our API.

When you use SMSMessenger you have a multi-faceted platform that enables you to reach various markets. From personal campaigns to simple messages to groups and contact lists, you can reach any market you desire as well as receive reports and keep tabs on your communication with any given audience.

It is the simplest and most direct way to send your message to anyone, anywhere in the world....be they customers, potential customers, employees or contacts.

Why should you use Bulk SMS?

When you take into account that SMS messages are considered to be more personal than a direct mail or e-mail AND that 98 per cent of SMS received ARE read, you have a highly effective means of communication in your hands.  

An SMS has many advantages when it comes to direct marketing / advertising. It can deliver a clear, concise and personal message to your chosen market, be that market a business corporation, school, charity organisation or sporting entity.

Harnessing the power of this mass communication tool to reach your specific multiple contacts with the same yet personal message is easy when you use the SMSMESSENGER GATEWAY.

Once you have purchased online SMS credits, the SMS platform, which is both secure, user friendly and capable of sending a high volume of messages, is then free for you to use.

As we are directly linked to all major South African cellular network providers via our interactive SMSMessenger service, we can provide you with exceptional service.

Fully featured solutions

•    High message throughput, with no queues
•    Direct connections to mobile operators
•    Real-time delivery reports
•    Powerful management and SMS messaging web portals
•    Support multi-part (concatenated) messages
•    Send SMS’s to individuals and groups from the internet
•    Personalise your messages
•    Schedule messages to be sent at a later date
•    Create Subaccounts
•    Receive Replies instantly to your email inbox or cell phone
•    Reply Routing
•    Scheduled SMS sending

It is fully interactive:

You can send and receive messages directly from your browser with our web based system and be fully interactive 24/7.

The SMSMessenger Advantage

•    High reliability and capacity
•    No Hidden, monthly or setup costs
•    Outstanding support
•    Your data is 100% secure
•    Credits don’t expire