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Short Codes

They are ideal for marketing campaigns and promotions when you want people to easily remember your number or if you want to encourage conversations between you and your audience.

There are two types of short codes - Standard short codes and Premium short codes. Standard short codes work across all major mobile operators. Mobile users receiving or sending messages to standard short codes are not charged any additional fees.

Premium short codes on the other hand, are used by businesses to generate revenue when they hold promotions or competitions. Usually the person receiving or responding to a message will be charged extra on their phone bill.

Product features

  • Personalised, direct and immediate interaction with customers
  • Can have one or more dedicated numbers on SMSmessenger's platform
  • Messages received by the numbers are immediately processed and forwarded
  • Replies are stored in the portal inbox, forwarded to email or application API
  • You are able to use features such as Keywords or Auto-Replies
  • Free notification E-Mail of sms messages received
  • All cell numbers saved automatically in Opt-In database
  • Auto response sms messages can be changed at any time
  • Full control and management of keywords, auto responses and sms content
  • No hidden costs
  • Set-up takes between 2 – 4 weeks
  • Issue of Short Code subject to approval

Where to use it

  • SMS voting - reality shows, academic projects
  • Marketing surveys - product preference, customer satisfaction
  • Promotions - user opt-in/opt-out, location information
  • Collecting of orders and donations

Why SMSmessenger 2-Way SMS?

By partnering with SMSmessenger, we guarantee the highest delivery rates on the market.

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