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Our API opens the door to billions of subscribers by executing calls directly in the telecom network.

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SMSMessenger API allows you to quickly integrate communication capabilities.

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Login details are required to integrate with SMS Messenger

Please contact our Support team at sms@smsmessenger.co.za if you require a FREE test account.

Upon sending your login details we will load a 100 Free Test credits to your account.

Please contact us should you require any assistance with our API services

API Integration

Through a range of five API’S OR Application Programming Interface connections, you can SMS-enable any website, system or application. Instant message delivery and message receipt is then possible once you have connected to our SMS Gateway.

What is API Integration?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It SMS- enables ANY APPLICATION, WEBSITE OR SYSTEM thereby allowing for the use of a variety of different connections. They are quick and easy to install and are suitable for a wide range of communication options.

Why use API Integration?
An API connection to our SMS Gateway affords you the immediate option of delivering or receiving messages from any application instantly. We have a range of API applications to sms-enable your website or application.
There are six integration or connection methods to choose from which will sms enable any of your websites, systems or applications.

Application Programming Interface

Partnering with us gives you fully-featured messaging solutions, international coverage and reliable delivery. Designed and maintained in-house, it relies on robust, geo-redundant infrastructure, powerful yet simple APIs, messaging and billing platforms for carrier-grade connectivity.

Connecting to our platform gives you the flexibility to directly  access mobile network operators and fully utilise our years of experience in the mobile industry. With dedicated support staff available 24/7 for all your technical queries, we’re making sure your mobile business never stops. Depending on your needs and requirements, available are SMPP, XML, HTTP and REST APIs for seamless integration to our platform.


Developers can connect via SMPP v3.4 protocol, as well as access the SMS Messenger high performance HTTP platform.


SMS Messenger HTTP API is ideal for web-based services, providing straightforward integration with popular programming languages. The API supports HTTP GET or XML POST, with optional HTTPS/SSL support for extra security.


SMS Messenger high performance SMPP API provides carrier-grade access to SMS Messenger messaging platform for SMS MO, SMS MT and HLR Lookup services. Based on the most widely accepted SMPP v3.4 specification,SMS Messenger`s SMPP API is ideal for customers requiring high messaging throughput.

An SMSMessenger consultant will be happy to assist you in finding the right API connection solution for your particular application.

Please contact us to receive your API username and password.

SMS Messenger API Developer Hub

Comprehensive guides and documentation found here will help you start working with SMS Messenger API as quickly as possible.

API Documentation
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